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  • 1 hour session

  • 8 high resolution, hand edited images via direct download

  • Full use of unique and vintage props if required

  • Please choose between headshots or  pullback shots

  • Online gallery to choose images 

  • Upgrades available on request for additional photos



  • 15 minute session

  • 3 high resolution, hand edited images via direct download

  • These are headshots only - not full body shots

  • Online gallery to choose images 



  • 10 minute session

  • 3 high resolution, hand edited images via direct download

  • These are headshots only not full body shots

  • Siblings can be included for additional £25

Individual digitals can be added to packages but are not available separately : £35
Please note that family studio photos are only available with newborn packages. For family sessions please see our outdoor sessions. 
Wall art available. 
  • What is the best age to photograph my baby?
    The best age to photograph a newborn is up to two weeks old to get the squished up look. After this age babies tend to stretch out more and resist posing. We can, of course still do their photos but ideally you'd book in the first two weeks.
  • How Should I Prepare For My Session?
    Firstly don't worry about your session at all. I only ever book one baby in per day so you will not be rushed at any point - we will be led by your baby's needs. Ideally you'd keep your baby awake for a couple of hours before the session and bring them ready to feed so that we can get them dressed in the first outfit that we are photographing them in before they go to sleep. Loose and easy to remove clothes would be great. If you are breastfeeding it's best to avoid tomatoes and spicy food the night before where possible so that baby isn't unsettled with their tummy. If you could also avoid coffee or switch to decaf the day before that really helps too. If you are bottle feeding remember to bring enough bottles for around 4 hours as sometimes sessions can be longer than expected. If you use a dummy please bring it with you as this will help us to settle your baby between poses. I'll provide tea and coffee and some sandwiches so that you can relax and enjoy your baby's first photoshoot. Some parents even have a little snooze during the session!
  • Can I get photos with our other children as well?
    Yes of course. The only thing that I ask is that siblings are brought along at the end of the session after we've got all of the photos that we need of your newborn.
  • Do I need to bring outfits?
    I supply all the outfits for the session but if you would like to add in a favourite outfit of your own we can of course add that too.
  • How long will our session take?
    I always advise that sessions can take up to 4 hours which gives us time to settle, feed and cuddle your baby - but some sessions are done in under two hours so it really depends on how your baby is feeling on the day. There is never any time pressure placed on you, only one baby is booked per day so you will not be rushed in any way.
  • What Clothes Should Parents and Siblings Wear?
    Think about the colours that would suit your home decor as you might want to choose wall art for your living space. A neutral colour palette works well combining greys, whites, soft pinks and blues, pastels and browns. Avoid big logos, graphics and mismatched patterns. Vintage styling and organic textures always look beautiful on younger siblings - pinafores, lace, dungarees and classic gingham dresses. Zara Kids have great affordable clothing and we love Rashida and Noah Designs and Miou Kids
  • Can You Come To My Home?
    I can offer lifestyle photography at your home which consists of parents cuddling baby, crib shots etc. These shoots do not include any posed photos, props or styling. They are taken within your home setting with the natural light that you have within your house. If you have a large, light and bright home then beautiful photos can be achieved with these sessions. Please ask about pricing for these sessions.
  • Can I Take Photos or Video During the Session?
    No photos are permitted to be taken during the session. Please ask if you'd like to take any short behind the scenes video clips.
  • Who Can Come and Watch The Session?
    My sessions are held in my home studio which has limited space so I allow two people to come along with baby. Siblings are asked to come at the end of the session and cannot stay for the whole session.
  • When Will I Receive my Photos?
    I always advise that the digital images can take up to two weeks to be ready as each one is hand edited. I strive to also get the prints ready within this timeframe. I use a professional photography lab so on occasions this timeframe may need to be extended.
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